Kanodiscounter is the site for the purchase and sale of canoes and kayaks.

We are us?
In 2004 we started developing and selling boats that we built entirely in-house. The barge factory. In 2005 we grew into one of the largest providers of activities in Amsterdam, from which Damtours and Damcruise emerged. With a number of our own boats and bicycles, we have been showing thousands of visitors the most beautiful places in Amsterdam for 15 years, where the visitor lacks nothing. It's about experiencing and providing top service where you can with a no-nonsense mentality! we do what we promise!

Years of experience

With many years of background in building and developing vessels, we know better than anyone how much fun you can have on the water. Where you love your freedom and you can take a canoe to the nicest places where others cannot go!
The real discovery is done by canoe or kayak with friends, colleagues and family.
It can also optimally become a treasure hunt if you want to do something completely different with a bachelor party or company outing than what is already on offer!
Do something different, be crazy and challenge your colleagues, we say!

We (un)care

Making a plan for an afternoon/evening filling program, that is unburdening where we at Damtours Events are strong and inventive! We make the difference together with our partners!
Let us know what you want in an email and we will discuss the options immediately!
Much is possible, as long as there is an action plan for your daily activities.

Repairs to Canoes and Kayaks

We repair kayaks and canoes in practice, so if you would like advice, please call us!

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